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Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Seize the moment, The chance to flatten the climate curve”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Goodbye globalisation, The dangerous lure of self-sufficiency”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The politics of pandemics”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The right medicine for the world economy”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The fire this time”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The power of protest”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The genius of Amazon”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The next catastrophe (and how to survive it)”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Retro or radical?”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The New Ideology Of Race And What's Wrong With It”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Trade without trust, How the West should do business with China”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The absent student, How covid-19 will change college”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Xi's new economy, Don't underestimate it”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “What Putin fears”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “America's ugly election, How bad could it get?”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Office politics, The fight over the future of work"
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “21st Century Power, How clean energy will remake geopolitics”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Why are so many governments getting it wrong?”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Bidenomics, The good, the bad and the unknown”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Winners and losers, How covid-19 is reordering the global economy, A Special Report”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Torment of the Uyghurs, and the global crisis in human rights”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Who controls the conversation? Social media and free speech”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Why it has to be Joe Biden”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “When every vote counts”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Suddenly, hope”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The China strategy America needs”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “How resilient is democracy?”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Making coal history”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “Will inflation return?”
Economics Magazine 2020
The Economist “The World in 2021”
Economics Magazine 2021
The Economist “Ten million reasons to vaccinate the world, Our new model of the true death toll from covid-19”
Economics Magazine 2022
The Economist “Searching For Returns, The new rules of investment”
Economics Magazine 2022
The Economist “The World Ahead 2023”
Economics Magazine 2023
The Economist “Exit Wave, How China's reopening will disrupt the world economy”
Economics Magazine 2023
The Economist “Zero-Sum, The destructive logic that threatens globalisation”
Economics Non-Fiction 1991 Abrams, Rhonda M. The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies “Start-To-Finish Guide To Creating A Successful Business Plan”
Economics Non-Fiction 1978 Albert, Kenneth J. How to Be Your Own Management Consultant “a strategy for business problem-solving success”
Economics Non-Fiction 1981 Allen, William R. Midnight Economist “Choices, Prices, and Public Policy
Economics Non-Fiction 2010, 2006 Baltzan, Paige; Phillips, Amy Business Driven Technology
Economics Sociology 1996, 1995 Barber, Benjamin R. Jihad vs. McWorld “How Globalism And Tribalism Are Reshaping The World”
Economics Sociology 1978, 1976 Bell, Daniel The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism “A brilliant analysis of the prdicament of Western libral capitalist society”
Economics History 1998, 1996 Bernstein, Peter L. Against The Gods “The Remarkable Story Of Risk”
Economics Magazine 2019 Blau, Rosie 1843 Stories Of An Extraordinary World “In dough we trust, How donuts fuelled the American Dream”
Economics Magazine 2020 Blau, Rosie 1843 Stories Of An Extraordinary World “The Whirling Mind, Can we escape from information overload?”
Economics History 1981, 1979 Braudel, Fernand The Structures of Everyday Life, The Limits of the Possible “Civilization & Capitalism, 15th -18th Century, Volume 1”
Economics History 1982, 1979 Braudel, Fernand The Wheels of Commerce “Civilization & Capitalism, 15th -18th Century, Volume 2”
Economics Sociology 2013 Braungart, Michael The Upcycle “Beyond Sustainability - Designing for Abundance”
Economics Non-Fiction 1988 Bryk, Nancy Villa Bloomingdale's Illustrated 1886 Catalog “Fashions, Dry Goods and Housewares”
Economics Non-Fiction 1999, 1997 Buffet, Mary and David Clark Buffettology “The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor”
Economics Non-Fiction 2020 Burgess, Andrea The Economist Pocket World in Figures “presents and analyzes data about the world”
Economics Non-Fiction 1991 Burton, Mary Lindley & Richard A. Wedemeyer In Transition “From the Harvard Business School Club of New York's Career Management Seminar”
Economics Non-Fiction 1992 Carnavale Jones, Diane; Zagummy, Cindy Collectibles Market Guide & Price Index “Collectors' Information Bureau's”
Economics Non-Fiction 2010 Chopra, Deepak The Soul of Leadership “Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness”
Economics Non-Fiction 2002 Collier, Marsha Starting an eBay Business For Dummies “Get savvy advice on running an online auction business”
Economics Sociology 2018 Collier, Paul The Future of Capitalism “Facing the New Anxieties”
Economics Non-Fiction 1990 Collins, Eliza G. C; Devanna, Mary Anne The Portable MBA “Delivers the top wisdom from America's best university programs; Complete coverage from managing people, to understanding numbers and setting strategy”
Economics Sociology 2011 Collins, Jim Good to Great “Why some companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't”
Economics Sociology 2009 Collins, Jim How The Mighty Fall “And Why Some Companies Never Give In”
Economics Autobiography 2004, 2003 Corcoran, Barbara with Bruce Littlefield If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails “And Other Lessons I Learned from My Mom”
Economics Non-Fiction 1988, 1934 Cottle, Sidney; Murray, Roger F.; Block, Frank E.; Leibowitz, Martin L. Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis “Fifth Edition”
Economics Sociology 2006 Covey, Stephen M. R. with Rebecca R. Merrill The Speed of Trust “The One Thing That Changes Everything”
Economics Sociology 1992, 1990 Covey, Stephen R. Principle-Centered Leadership “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Economics Non-Fiction 1971 Drucker, Peter F. Innovation and Entrepeneurship “Practice and Principles
Economics Non-Fiction 1971 Drucker, Peter F. Men, Ideas & Politics “essays by”
Economics Non-Fiction 2022 Dunlap, Tori Financial Feminist “Overcome The Patriarchy's Bullsh*t To Master Your Money And Build A Life You Love”
Economics Non-Fiction 2011 Eaton, Dr. Doug Van; Prochashka, Craig S. Schweser's Secret Sauce for the 2011 CFA® Exam “The Essential Complement to the CFA® curriculum”
Economics Non-Fiction 1983 Eckersley-Johnson, Anna L. Webster's Secretarial Handbook “Second Edition”
Economics Non-Fiction 1987 Fisher, Kenneth L. The Wall Street Waltz “20 Visual Perspectives, Illustrated Lessons From Financial Cycles And Trends”
Economics Non-Fiction 1986 Foster, Richard N. Innovation, The Attacker's Advantage “Why leading companies abruptly lose their markets to new competitors. And how a few have avoided this fate by relentlessly abandoning the skills and products that have brought them success.””
Economics Non-Fiction 1980, 1979 Friedman, Milton & Rose D. Free To Choose “A Personal Statement”
Economics Sociology 2016 Friedman, Thomas L. Thank You for Being Late “An Optimist's Guide To Thriving In The Age Of Accelerations”
Economics Sociology 2000, 1999 Friedman, Thomas L. The Lexus And The Olive Tree “Understanding Globalization”
Economics Non-Fiction 2014 Funk, McKenzie Windfall “The Booming Business of Global Warming”
Economics Non-Fiction 2017 Gates, Mark Blockchain “Ultimate guide to understanding blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and the future of money.”
Economics Sociology 1984 Gilder, George The Spirit Of Enterprise “the impact of enterprise on business and technology”
Economics Sociology 1981 Gilder, George Wealth and Poverty “how to increase wealth and curtail poverty”
Economics Non-Fiction 1994 Goldstein, Arnold S., J.D., LL.M., Ph.D. How to settle with the IRS ...for pennies on the dollar “Includes The Official IRS Collection Manual”
Economics History 2004 Gordon, John Steele An Empire Of Wealth “The Epic History of American Economic Power”
Economics Non-Fiction 1973 Graham, Benjamin The Intelligent Investor “Fourth Revised Edition of the book that has become for thousands the indispensable guide to sound investing”
Economics Sociology 2000 Grantham, Charles The Future Of Work “The Promise of the New Digital Work Society”
Economics History 2010 Green, Hardy The Company Town “The Industrial Edens and Satanic Mills that Shaped the American Economy”
Economics Sociology 2007 Greenspan, Alan The Age Of Turbulence “Adventures In A New World”
Economics Non-Fiction 1986 Grimond, John The Economist Pocket Style Book “the style sheet The Economist's journalists use every day.”
Economics Non-Fiction 1978 Grunwald, Henry Anatole The Encyclopedia of Collectibles “Buttons to Chess Sets”
Economics Non-Fiction 1997, 1994 Hagstrom, Robert G. The Warren Buffett Way “Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor”
Economics Non-Fiction 2001 Hargrove, Robert E-Leader “Reinventing Leadership in a Connected Economy”
Economics Non-Fiction 2014 Harvard Business Review Press Creating Business Plans “Gather your resources, Describe the opportunity, Get buy-in”
Economics Sociology 1976, 1944 Hayek, Friedrich A. The Road to Serfdom “A classic warning against the dangers to freedom inherent in social planning”
Economics Non-Fiction 1987, 1986 Heirs, Ben with Peter Farrell The Professional Decision Thinker “America's New Management and Education Priority”
Economics Non-Fiction 2005 Hiam, Alexander Marketing Kit For Dummies “The do-it-yourself guide for planning, budgeting, naming, pricing, packaging, and selling your product or service”
Economics Non-Fiction 1993 Husfloen, Kyle 1994 The Antique Trader, Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide “A Comprehensive Price Guide to the entire field of Antiques & Collectibles”
Economics Non-Fiction 1994 Huxford, Sharon & Bob Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide “Identification & Values Of Over 50,000 Antiques & Collectibles”
Economics Non-Fiction 1976 Israel, Fred L. 1897 Edition Of The Sears, Roebuck Catalogue “A complete replica of the Consumer's Guide that revolutionized America.”
Economics Non-Fiction 2018 John, Daymond with Daniel Paisner Rise And Grind “Outperform, Outwork and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life”
Economics Non-Fiction 1999 Jones, Glenn R. Free Market Fusion “how entrepreneurs and nonprofits create 21st century success”
Economics Non-Fiction 2010 Kaplan, Inc. PRACTICE EXAMS for the 2011 CFA® Exam “Kaplan Schweser THE ESSENTIAL COMPLEMENT to the CFA® curriculum”
Economics Sociology 2021 Katusa, Marin The Rise Of America “Remaking The World Order”
Economics History 1960, 1953 Kirk, Russell The Conservative Mind “From Burke to Eliot”
Economics Sociology 2005 Korten, David C. The Great Turning “From Empire to Earth Community”
Economics Sociology 2014 Kristof, Nicholas D. and Sheryl WuDunn” A Path Appears “Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity”
Economics Non-Fiction 2013 Lafley, A.G.; Martin, Roger L. Playing To Win “How Strategy Really Works”
Economics Sociology 2005 Levitt, Steven D. and Stephen J. Dubner Freakonomics “A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything”
Economics Non-Fiction 2009 Lewis, Michael Panic “The Story of Modern Financial Insanity”
Economics Non-Fiction 1991 Lindenberger, Jan Collecting Plastics: A Handbook and Price Guide
Economics Non-Fiction 1900 Lubin, David Let There Be Light “The Story Of A Workingmen's Club, Its Search For The Causes Of Poverty And Social Inequality, Its Discussions, And Its Plan For The Amelioration Of Existing Evils”
Economics Non-Fiction 2017 Luce, Edward The Retreat Of Western Liberalism “why the values the West has long championed are increasingly in danger”
Economics Sociology 2009 Maass, Peter Crude World “The Violent Twilight of Oil”
Economics Sociology 2019 Maddow, Rachel Blowout “Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, And The Richest, Most Destructive Industry On Earth”
Economics Sociology 1976, 1975 Malabre Jr., Alfred L. Understanding The Economy: For People Who Can't Stand Economics “demonstrates that the subject, forbidding to so many people, can be made not only easily comprehensible but even intensely interesting for nonexperts.”
Economics Non-Fiction 1971 Mann, Roland The Arts of Top Management “A McKinsey Anthology”
Economics Non-Fiction 1987, 1952 Marx, Karl and Friedrich Engels Capital, Manifesto Of The Communist Party “Great Books Of The Western World”
Economics Non-Fiction 1984 McCormack, Mark H. What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School “A John Boswell Associates Book”
Economics Non-Fiction 2008, 2006 McGrath, Skip How to Create and Sell Information Products on eBay “Everything you need to know to sell information on eBay.”
Economics Non-Fiction 2007 MG Prep, Inc. Manhattan GMAT Prep, Number Properties “GMAT Preparation Guide”
Economics Non-Fiction 2016 Mill, Alfred Economics 101 “From Consumer Behavior To Competitive Markets - Everything You Need To Know About Economics”
Economics Non-Fiction 1970 Mirken, Alan 1927 Edition Of The Sears, Roebuck Catalogue “The Roaring Twenties”
Economics Non-Fiction 2005 Montauk, Richard How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs “complete explanation of what the top schools look for, plus a step-by-step guide to the entire application process”
Economics Non-Fiction 1994, 1991 Needleman, Jacob Money And The Meaning Of Life “helps the reader understand money as a key to the question of who we are”
Economics Non-Fiction 1990 Ohmae, Kenichi The Borderless World “Power and Strategy in the Interlinked Economy, Management Lessons In The New Logic Of The Global Marketplace”
Economics Non-Fiction 2014 Orman, Suze The Do's And Don'ts Of Money “Easy Solutions for Everyday Problems”
Economics Non-Fiction 2015 Paulson, Henry M., Jr. Dealing With China “An Insider Unmasks The New Economic Superpower”
Economics Sociology 2001 Payne, Ruby K. PhD; DeVol, Philip E.; Smith, Terie Dreussi Bridges Out of Poverty “Strategies for Professionals and Communities”
Economics Biography 2004 Perkins, John Confessions of an Economic Hit Man “The inside story of how America turned from a respected republic into a feared empire”
Economics Non-Fiction 1992 Peters, Tom Liberation Management “Necessary Disorganization for the Nanosecond Nineties”
Economics Non-Fiction 1985 Peters, Tom; Nancy Austin A Passion For Excellence “The Leadership Difference”
Economics Non-Fiction 1986 Ray, Michael; Myers, Rochelle Creativity In Business “Based on the famed Stanford University course that has revolutionized the art of success.”
Economics Non-Fiction 1998, 1990 Reisman, George Capitalism “A complete and integrated understanding of the nature and value of human economic life”
Economics Non-Fiction 1985 Rich, Stanley R. and David E. Gumpert Business Plans That Win $$$ “Lessons From The MIT Enterprise Forum”
Economics Sociology 2005 Sachs, Jefferey D. The End of Poverty “Economic Possibilites For Our Time”
Economics Non-Fiction 2008, 1997 Sahlman, William Andrews How To Write A Great Business Plan “Harvard Business Review Classics”
Economics Non-Fiction 2007 Schmidt, Terry Turn Strategy Into Action “Strategic Project Management Tools for Leaders and Teams”
Economics Non-Fiction 1970 Schroeder Jr., Joseph J. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Incorporated. Consumers Guide Fall 1900 “Cheapest Supply House On Earth Our Trade Reaches Around The World”
Economics Non-Fiction 1987, 1952 Smith, Adam An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations “Great Books Of The Western World”
Economics Sociology 1986, 1776 Smith, Adam The Wealth of Nations “Books I-III”
Economics Biography 2006 Buchan, James The Authentic Adam Smith Ideological founder of unregulated small business
Economics Sociology 2000 Soto, Hernando de The Mystery Of Capital “Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else”
Economics Sociology 2004 Sowell, Thomas Basic Economics “A Citizen's Guide to the Economy”
Economics Non-Fiction 2008 Speth, James Gustave The Bridge at the Edge of the World “Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability”
Economics Non-Fiction 2010 Stiglitz, Joseph E. Freefall “America, Free Markets and the Sinking of the World Economy”
Economics Non-Fiction 2002 Stiglitz, Joseph E. Globalization and Its Discontents “insider's account of global economic policy making”
Economics Non-Fiction 2010, 2009 Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Sen, Amartya and Jean-Paul Fitoussi Mismeasuring Our Lives “Why GDP Doesn't Add Up, The Report by The Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress”
Economics Sociology 2014 Taibbi, Matt The Divide “American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap”
Economics Sociology 2018, 2016 Tapscott, Don, and Alex Tapscott Blockchain Revolution “How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World”
Economics Sociology 2013 Tellinger, Michael Ubuntu Contributionalism “A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, Exposing The Global Banking Fraud”
Economics Non-Fiction 2017, 2014 Tenenbaum, Jane Official GRE® QUANTITATIVE REASONING Practice Questions “in-depth practice and accurate test preparation for the Quantitative Reasoning measure”
Economics Non-Fiction 2017, 2014 Tenenbaum, Jane Official GRE® VERBAL REASONING Practice Questions “with practice for the Analytical Writing measure”
Economics Non-Fiction 2017, 2010 Tenenbaum, Jane The Official Guide to the GRE® General Test “guide specially created by ETS- the people who actually make the test”
Economics Sociology 1986 Tong, Rosemarie Ethics in Policy Analysis “Prentice-Hall Series in Occupational Ethics”
Economics Non-Fiction 2015 Tornielli, Andrea and Giacomo Galeazzi This Economy Kills “Pope Francis on Capitalism and Social Justice”
Economics Non-Fiction 1996 Trout, Jack with Steve Rivkin The New Positioning “The Latest on the Worlds #1 Business Strategy”
Economics Music
Unit Parts Co. Sing A Song Of Profits “With A Pocketfull Of Sales”
Economics History 1956 Viereck, Peter Conservatism “From John Adams to Churchill”
Economics Sociology 1963, 1899 Veblen, Thorstein The Theory of The Leisure Class “An Economic Study of Institutions”
Economics Non-Fiction 1977 Vernon, Raymond Storm over the Multinationals “The Real Issues”
Economics Non-Fiction 1982 Weber, Louis Health Careers: Where the Jobs Are and How to Get Them “A complete guide to jobs, salaries, training, and interviewing”
Economics History 1977 Weil, Gordon Lee Sears, Roebuck, U.S.A. “The Great American Catalog Store and How It Grew”
Economics Sociology 2011, 2009 Wilkinson, Richard and Kate Pickett The Spirit Level “Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger”
Economics Magazine 2020 Witkowski, Tom Harvard Business School “Alumni Bulletin”
Economics Non-Fiction 2003, 1999 Yunnus, Muhammad Banker to the Poor “Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty”

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