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Crafts Non-Fiction 1971 Abbey, Barbara The Complete Book of Knitting
Crafts Non-Fiction 2016 Archer, Mandy Stuck Inside Creativity Book “Cutouts, Games, Stencils, Stickers”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2003, 2001 Asunción, Josep The Complete Book of Papermaking
Crafts Non-Fiction 2007 Baumgartel, Beth Singer Simple Mending And Repair “essential machine-side tips and techniques”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2000, 1999 Browning, Marie Handcrafted Journals, Albums, Scrapbooks & More
Crafts Non-Fiction 2002 Budworth, Geoffrey The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Knots & Ropework
Crafts Non-Fiction 2004 Corba, Anna Vintage Paper Crafts
Crafts Non-Fiction 2003 Cusick, Dawn & Megan Kirby The Michaels Book of Arts & Crafts
Crafts Non-Fiction 1999 Davis, Esther Sensational Dried Flowers “Make Arrangements So Beautiful They Look Fresh”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2002, 1998 Delaney, Connie Spindle Spinning “From Novice To Expert”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1989, 1980 Drogin, Marc Medieval Calligraphy, Its history and Technique”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2000 Feece, Debra Grandma's Last Quilt “Traditional and Original Appliqué Designs by Blanche Burkett White (1895-1978)”
Crafts Photographs 1962 Fischer, Ernst; Ingers, Gertrud Flamskvävnad - Flemish Weaving
Crafts Non-Fiction 2000 Fukumoto, Jodi The Guide To Hawaiian Style Origami “Island Heritage”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1976 Gammell, Alice Polly Prindle's Book Of American Patchwork Quilts “Everything you need to know to make your choice of fifty of the most beautiful patchwork patterns from America's past. Includes advice on obtaining materials, clear, readable descriptions of the techniques required, and a brief and lively history of the art.
Crafts Photographs 1975 Gerspach, M. Coptic Textile Designs “153 Illustrations Including 9 In Color On Covers”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2009 Glitschka, Von Drip. Dot. Swirl. “94 incredible patterns for design and illustration, dvd includes editable vector files, quick reference index and usage samples”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2011 Glitschka, Von Flourish. Banner. Frame. “555 ornaments and motifs for design and illustration, dvd includes editable vector files, quick reference index and usage samples”
Crafts Non-Fiction
Gnagy, Mary Jo and Jon Learn to Draw Human Figures, volume 3 “How to draw people in action”
Crafts Reference 1992 Guerrier, Katharine The Encyclopedia of Quilting Techniques “A new, step-by-step directory with timesaving techniques for patchwork, piecing, and appliqué”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2012 Haffenden, Vikki & Frederica Patmore Knit, step by step “More Than 150 Techniques And Stitch Patterns With 10 Easy Projects”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2001 Higgins, Becky My Creative Companion “the ultimate scrapbooking resource”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1978 Howard, Constance Textile Crafts
Crafts Non-Fiction 2000 Jorgenson, Sharlene Quilting from the Heartland's “A Slice of Quilted Spice”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2008, 2007 Könye, Paul; Ashforth, Kate Funky Things To Draw “Fairies, Fairytale Princesses, Baby Animals, In the Ocean, Fantasy, Costumes & Fashions, In the garden, Horses”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1991 Levine, Betsy Quilts and Quilting from Threads
Crafts Non-Fiction 2006, 1998 Lively, Kate Papercrafts & Paper Fun “The definitive compendium of papercraft techniques and papercraft projects”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2001 Lockie, Ellaraine The Gourmet Paper Maker “handmade paper from fruits and vegetables”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1999, 1998 Lorenz, Joanna The Complete Book of Papercrafts “A truly comprehensive collection of papercraft ideas, designs and techniques, with over 300 projects”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1981 McKay, Bob How to Draw Funny People
Crafts Non-Fiction 1992 Mumm, Debbie Quick Country Quilting “Over 80 Projects Featuring Easy, Timesaving Techniques”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2006 Oceana Make It With Paper
Crafts Non-Fiction 2006 Oceana The Complete Guide To Origami & Papercraft “a practical guide to creating beautiful paper objects”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2001 Orton, Linda Soapmaking, for The First Time
Crafts Non-Fiction 1998 Packham, Jo Moments to Remember “The Art of Creating Scrapbook Memories”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2004, 1996 Payne, Christopher The Encyclopedia Of Modelmaking Techniques
Crafts Non-Fiction 2001 Plowman, John Papermaking techniques book “over 50 techniques for making and embellishing handmade paper”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2005 Quantum Publishing Ltd Scrapbooking “An inspirational guide to how to personalize and embellish your own scrapbooks”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2002 Rainey, Rhonda Papermaking, for The First Time
Crafts Non-Fiction 1988, 1987 Ranson, Ron Watercolor, Fast and Loose “how to capture mood and avoid fussy detail to create fresh and exciting paintings.”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1975 Regensteiner, Else Weaver's Study Course “Ideas and Techniques”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2003 Reimer-Epp, Heidi & Mary Reimer Beginner's Guide To Papermaking
Crafts Non-Fiction 1979 Rubbra, Benedict Draw Portraits “primarily concerned with pencil drawing”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1988, 1987 Seward, Linda Small Quilting Projects
Crafts Non-Fiction 2006 Sowerby, Jane Victorian Lace Today
Crafts Non-Fiction 2011 Steege, Gwen W. The Knitter's Life List “To Do, To Know, To Explore, To Make”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2010 Steele-Saccio, Eva Headbands & Hairstyles “Make & Wear Super Stylish Headbands”
Crafts History 2001 Steele, Valerie The Corset “A Cultural History”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1998 Travis, Dinah The Complete Miniature Quilt Book “Over 24 Projects for Quilters and Doll's House Enthusiasts”
Crafts Non-Fiction 2010 Wooky Entertainment inc Style Me Up! “Designer Studio”
Crafts Non-Fiction 1983 Young, Blanche and Helen Young The Boston Commons Quilt

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