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Biographies Women First Ladies 2001, 1987 Caroli, Betty Boyd The First Ladies “From Martha Washington to Laura Bush, The Fascinating Lives of the Women in the Influential Role of America's First Lady”
Biographies Women First Ladies 2001 Marton, Kati Hidden Power “Presidential Marriages That Shaped our Recent History”
Biographies Women Chief White House Usher 1973 West, J. B. with Mary Lynn Kotz Upstairs At The White House “My Life with the First Ladies”
Biographies Women First Lady 2005 Knight, Louise W Citizen “Jane Addams and the Struggle for Democracy”
Biographies Women First Lady 2019 Biden, Jill Where The Light Enters “Building a Family, Discovering Myself”
Biographies Women First Lady 2006 Kessler, Ronald Laura Bush “An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady”
Biographies Women First Lady 2003 Clinton, Hillary Rodham Living History “her upbringing in suburban, middle-class America in the 1950s”
Biographies Women First Lady 2017 Clinton, Hillary Rodham How It Happened “what she was thinking and feeling during one of the most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections in history”
Biographies Women First Lady 2018 McCubbin, Lisa Betty Ford “First Lady, Women's Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer”
Biographies Women First Lady Vice-President 2020, 2019 Harris, Kamala The Truths We Hold “An American Journey”
Biographies Women First Lady 1993 Davis, John H. The Bouviers “From Waterloo to the Kennedys and Beyond”
Biographies Women First Lady 2018 Kashner, Sam and Nancy Schoenberger The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters “The Tragic and Glamorous Lives of Jackie and Lee”
Biographies Women First Lady 1998, 1997 Ladowsky, Ellen Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Biographies Women First Lady 2009 Clinton, Catherine Mrs. Lincoln, A Life Mary Lincoln
Biographies Women First Lady 2018 Obama, Michelle Becoming
Biographies Women First Lady 2014.1937 Roosevelt, Eleanor The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
Biographies Women First Lady 1992 Cook, Blanche Wiesen Eleanor Roosevelt “Volume One 1884-1933”
Biographies Women First Lady 1998 Caroli, Betty Boyd The Roosevelt Women
Biographies Women First Lady 2020 Wolkoff, Stephanie Winston Melania and Me “The Rise And Fall Of My Friendship With The First Lady”
Biographies Women Biographies 1980 Blum, Arlene Annapurna A Woman's Place “The Dramatic Story Of The First Women's Ascent Of One Of The World's Highest Peaks”
Biographies Women Autobiography 1996 Butler, Brett Knee Deep in Paradise “a portrait of the South, a moving document of one woman's hardship and renewal, and a testament from one of our most intelligent comic minds”
Biographies Women Biographies 2014, 2012 Courcy, Anne de The Fishing Fleet “Husband-Huntin In The Raj”
Biographies Women Biographies 1990, 1988 Fraser, Antonia The Warrior Queens “The Legends and the Lives of the Women who have led their nations in war”
Biographies Women Biographies 1995 Gross, Michael Model “The ugly business of beautiful women”
Biographies Women Biographies 2015 Hirshman, Linda Sisters in Law “How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World”
Biographies Women Biographies 1995 L'Aloge, Bob Pistols & Petticoats “13 Female Trailblazers of the Old West”
Biographies Women Biographies 1982 Luchetti, Cathy Lee with Carol Oldwell Women of the West Stories of selected pioneer Americans
Biographies Women Biographies 2016 O'Leary, Chandler & Jessica Spring Dead Feminists “historic Heroines in Living color”
Biographies Women Biographies 2001 Olson, Lynne Freedom's Daughter's “The Unsung Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement from 1830-1970”
Biographies Women Biographies 2006 Naylor, Zoe Women who changed the world “Fifty inspirational women who shaped history”
Biographies Women Biographies 1992, 1982 Schlissel, Lillian Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey “the westerning experiences of American women”
Biographies Women Biographies 2016 Shetterly, Margot Lee Hidden Figures “The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians who Helped Win the Space Race”
Biographies Women Biographies 2014 Weller, Sheila The News Sorority “Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Christiane Amanpour- and the (Ongoing, Imperfect, Complicated) Triumph of Women in TV News”
Biographies Women Social Reformer 1960, 1910 Addams, Jane Twenty Years at Hull-House “account of her famed settlement house in Chicago's West Side slums”
Biographies Women Australian Journalist 2001, 1998 Armstrong, Diane Mosaic “A Chronicle Of Five Generations”
Biographies Women English Theologist 2004 Armstrong, Karen The Spiral Staircase “My Climb Out of Darkness”
Biographies Women Actress 1980, 1972 Israel, Lee Miss Tallulah Bankhead “The More Outrageous She Was, The More We Loved Her And We Loved Her A Lot”
Biographies Women American Heiress 1995 Rodriguez, Suzanne Wild Heart, a life “Natalie Clifford Barney's Journey from Victorian America to the Literary Salons of Paris”
Biographies Women Iranian Author 1995 Harris, Sara and Barbary Mosallai Bell The Peacock Princess “The true-life story of an American woman and her daughters, trapped among brutal Iranian aristocracy in royal and revolutionary Iran”
Biographies Women English Arabian 2005, 1996 Wallach, Janet Desert Queen “The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia”
Biographies Women Swiss-Persian Wife 2004 Bin Ladin, Carmen Inside The Kingdom “My Life in Saudi Arabia”
Biographies Women Citygirl- Countrygirl 1997 Blackmarr, Amy Going To Ground “Simple Life on a Georgia Pond”
Biographies Women Teacher Pioneer 1995 Jacobs, Jane A Schoolteacher in Old Alaska “The Story of Hannah Breece”
Biographies Women American Pioneer 1973 Rhodehamel, DeWitt; Wood, Raymund Francis Ina Coolbrith “Librarian and Laureate of California”
Biographies Women Journalist Painter 1996 Cowles, Fleur She Made Friends and Kept Them Autobiography by socialite author
Biographies Women Actress 1976 Hotchner, A. E. Doris Day “Her Own Story”
Biographies Women Storyteller 1982 Thurman, Judith Isak Dinesen “The Life of a Storyteller”
Biographies Women Author 2004, 2003 Dumas, Firoozeh Funny in Farsi “A Memoir Of Growing Up Iranian In America”
Biographies Women Pilot 1985 Loomis, Vincent V. with Jeffrey Ethell Amelia Earhart “The Final Story”
Biographies Women Television Producer 2013 Eaton, Rebecca Making Masterpiece “25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! on PBS”
Biographies Women New Zealand Novelist 1987, 1984 Frame, Janet The Envoy from Mirror City “Autobiography 3”
Biographies Women Journalist 1990, 1943 Fromm, Bella Blood & Banquets “A Berlin Social Diary”
Biographies Women Italian Astronomer 1999 Sobel, Dava Galileo's Daughter “A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love”
Biographies Women Writer 1990 Rollyson, Carl Nothing Ever Happens to the Brave, The Story of Martha Gellhorn “The Adventurous Life of America's Most Glamorous and Courageous War Correspondent”
Biographies Women Supreme Court Justice 2018 Hart, Jane Sherron De Ruth Bader Ginsburg “A Life”
Biographies Women Associate Justice 2019 Pollard, Kate Pocket RBG Wisdom “Supreme Quotes And Inspired Musings From Ruth Bader Ginsburg”
Biographies Women Pioneering Journalists 2013 Goodman, Matthew Eighty Days “Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around The World”
Biographies Women Journalist 1997 Graham, Katharine Personal History “the woman who piloted the Washington Post through the crises of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate”
Biographies Women Writer 1967 Keller, Helen Helen Keller, Her Socialist Years “Writings And Speeches”
Biographies Women Writer 2003 Keller, Helen The Story of My Life “The Restored Classic 1903-2003”
Biographies Women Writer 2003 Keller, Helen The World I Live In “preternaturally gifted deaf and blind young woman closely describes her sensations and the workings of her imagination”
Biographies Women Play 2002, 1956 Gibson, William The Miracle Worker “The unforgettable, inspiring story of Helen Keller - and the woman who set her free.”
Biographies Women Writer 1998 Herrmann, Dorothy Helen Keller “A Life”
Biographies Women Writer 1980 Lash, Joseph P. Helen and Teacher “The Story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy”
Biographies Women Activist 2018, 2017 King, Coretta Scott with Reverend Dr. Barbara Reynolds Coretta “My Life, My Love, My Legacy”
Biographies Women Professional Advice-giver 1982 Howard, Margo Eppie “The Story of Ann Landers”
Biographies Women Refugee 2012, 1997 Fadiman, Anne The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down “A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures”
Biographies Women Child Psychiatrist 1990, 1988 Lightfoot, Sara Lawrence Balm in Gilead “Journey of a Healer”
Biographies Women Teacher 1956, 1955 Keller, Helen Teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy “A Tribute by the Foster-child of Her Mind”
Biographies Women American Wife 1987 Mahmoody, Betty with William Hoffer Not Without My Daughter, A True Story “She was an American trapped in Tehran - Imprisoned by her husband. The underground said they could get her out, but she would have to leave her little girl behind...”
Biographies Women Pilot 1983, 1942 Markham, Beryl West with the Night autobiography
Biographies Women Pilot 1987 Lovell, Mary S Straight On Till Morning “the biography of Beryl Markham”
Biographies Women Actress 1994 Miracle, Berniece Baker and Mona Rae Miracle My Sister Marilyn “A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe”
Biographies Women Traveler
Morgan, Marlo Mutant Message, Downunder American woman learns from aboriginals in the Outback Desert
Biographies Women Beauty Contestant 1987 Dworkin, Susan Miss America, 1945 “Bess Myerson's Own Story”
Biographies Women Nurse 1987 Nightingale, Florence Letters From Egypt “A Journey On The Nile 1849-1850”
Biographies Women Shipping Director 2006 Zimmerman, Jean The Women of the House “Margaret Hardenbroeck Philipse arrived in New Amsterdam from Holland in 1659”
Biographies Women Government Employee 2007 Bumiller, Elisabeth Condoleeza Rice, An American Life Early life and work for the Bush administration
Biographies Women American Diplomat 2019 Rice, Susan Tough Love “My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For”
Biographies Women Iranian Illustrator 2004, 2003 Satrapi, Marjane The Complete Persepolis Illustrated autobiography
Biographies Women South African Novelist 1997 Slovo, Gillian Every Secret Thing “My Family, My Country”
Biographies Women Government Employee 2014 Biskupic, Joan Breaking In “The Rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the Politics of Justice”
Biographies Women English Preacher 1982 Hopkins, James K. A Woman to Deliver Her People “Joanna Southcott and English Millerianism in an Era of Revolution”
Biographies Women Multimedia Star 1993 Riese, Randall Her Name Is Barbra “An Intimate Portrait of the Real Barbra Streisand”
Biographies Women NPR Correspondent 2022 Totenberg, Nina Dinners With Ruth “A Memoir on the Power of Friendships”
Biographies Women Television Anchor 2022 Tur, Katy Rough Draft “the gift and curse of family legacy, examines the roles and responsibilities of the news”
Biographies Women Hawaiian Lady 1989 Veary, Nana Change We Must “My Spiritual Journey”
Biographies Women American Student 2018 Westover, Tara Educated, A Memoir “Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, she prepared for the end of the world by stockpiling home-canned peaches and sleeping with her “head for the hills” bag”
Biographies Women American Writer 1997 Wilde-Menozzi, Wallis Mother Tongue “An American Life in Italy”
Biographies Women Ecologist 2001, 1991 Williams, Terry Tempest Refuge “An Unnatural History of Family and Place”
Biographies Women Author 1972 Litvag, Irving Singer In The Shadows “The Strange Story of Patience Worth”
Biographies Women Human Rights Activist 2015, 2013 Yousafzai, Malala with Christina Lamb I Am Malala “The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot Down By The Taliban”

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